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Fabas Luce Via Luigi Talamoni n. 75 20861 Brugherio (MB), through its trade mark ATILED, provides the following conditions of guarantee:

5 years manufacturer’s guarantee on ATILED products classified in GROUP A*

3 years manufacturer’s guarantee on ATILED products classified in GROUP B*

1 year manufacturer’s guarantee on ATILED products classified in GROUP C*

We guarantee that, if used in accordance with their intended purpose, the products marketed under the trade mark ATILED are free from manufacturing defects and/or defective material for the guarantee period from the invoice date.

This guarantee shall apply only to products delivered on or after April 1, 2012. The guarantee provided shall apply exclusively on the condition that the products are used in accordance with the given product and application specifications (data sheets) and that they have been instalLED and put into service in a workmanlike manner (according to the installation instructions enclosed with the product). Temperature and voltage limits must not be exceeded.

The product must not be exposed to any mechanical stresses and strains that are not in accordance with its intended purpose. The guarantee for electronic control gear shall apply only if the product is instalLED with lamps that meet the relevant IEC specifications.

The guarantee exclusively covers product failures that were caused by proven defects in material, design or production as well as failure rates exceeding the nominal failure rate. In case of electronic control gear and/or components such as LEDs, the nominal failure rate is 0.2%/1000 burning hours, unless the nominal service life and nominal failure rate of a gear or of a component are defined otherwise in the product and application specifications (data sheet). Making use of the guarantee requires that the purchase contract or a corresponding invoice be submitted.

1. If, during the guarantee period, we are notified of a guarantee case involving any of our products for which the manufacturer’s guarantee is provided, and such notice is

accompanied by the relevant proof, we shall be at liberty to either repair the product at one of our sites or to replace it or refund the purchase price.

2. This manufacturer’s guarantee is a replacement products guarantee or replacement parts guarantee, as the case may be. Any and all replacement products or replacement parts may contain new or recycLED materials which are equivalent to new products or parts in respect of performance and reliability. The functionality of any and all replacement products or replacement parts is equivalent to that of the product or part to be replaced.

3. The guarantee does not apply to

a) any ancillary costs incurred in connection with remedying the defects (such as, for instance, the costs of installation and dismantling, transport of the defective and of the repaired and/or new product, disposal, mileage, travel time, hoisting engines, scaffolding); such costs shall be borne by the buyer;

b) parts subject to wear, such as, for instance, all standard lamps, batteries and starters for luminaires with magnetic ballasts;

c) electronic components, products and luminaires which ATILED markets as merchandise (for instance, touch panels, printers and computers under third party labels) as well as luminaires of other manufacturers;

d) settings and/or parameterizations on facilities that vary on account of wear, fatigue, or dirt.

4. The guarantee shall expire immediately if any changes to or any repair work on the product is performed without written consent or if the product is instalLED inappropriately or by non-qualified staff.

5. Additional information concerning LED products: The guarantee conditions apply exclusively to the mortality exceeding the nominal failure rate (0.2% per 1000 burning hours). With LED modules, a reduction in luminous flux is normal as long as the relevant value does not fall below 0.6%/1000h burning hours and is thus not covered by the guarantee. Due to technical progress and to the change in the luminous flux of products that is caused by their use, subsequent deliveries of LED light sources may have light properties deviating from those of the original products.

6. We do not assume any liability in excess of this manufacturer’s guarantee. The vendor’s warranty, however, shall remain in effect without change and shall continue to be in place beside this manufacturer’s guarantee.

7. Applicable law: reference is made to the conditions attached to the invoice and/or to the General Conditions of Business. Place of jurisdiction: Monza (Italy)