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Dynamik, Flexibilität und Innovation
Akkurate Recherchen in puncto Design, innovative Produkte, Flexibilität

in diesen Worten liegt der Schlüssel zum Erfolg von Fabas Luce S.p.A.

Ein beachtenswerter Erfahrungsschatz, der auf jahrzentelanger Arbeit im Beleuchtungssektor beruht, ermöglichte uns, mit unserer eigenen Marke bei den wichtigsten Unternehmen vertreten zu sein.

Unsere Firma wurde 1979 gegründet und befindet sich in der Nähe von Mailand (Italien).

Die Mission von Fabas Luce ist: Designer Produkte einzuführen, die für alle erschwinglich und sehr ansprechend sind.


Fabas Luce is solid and reliable family owned company with more than 35 years of experience.
We design and produce in Italy a full range of technologically advanced led lights and projectors, carefully built for naval use.
Our top quality led lights combine very high performances, compact dimensions, reduced weight and are extremely robust.
Our ultimate led technology are continuously updated to assure high luminous flux and low power consumption for effective energy saving.
The led light fixtures we produce according to the international standards take in great account the “human factor”. The correct light distribution is one of the safety factor for crew members that works and rests in artificial light illuminated ship. Acuity and comfort vision lower the fatigue and improve and faster the response on critic situations.

The wide range of our led fixtures are ready to equip or relamping your navy ship.

  • multifunctional general purpose: TVE models that include TVE-NVG compatible led lights;
  • flood lights models TOR, TON, TAO white or colored led light
  • EX hazardous areas and explosive atmosphere models GEX and PEX that include PEX-NVG compatible led lights
  • recessed led fixtures, reading and berth lights with integrated on/off touch dimmable control, table lights for living quarters, cabins, mess;
  • hospital operating room model Keros led dark light IP65
  • galley and cold room USPHS compliant, NBC decontamination station
  • emergency battle lantern model LEM-PRO fully microprocessor driven, 2 led wide or narrow beam, high or low intensity light. In case of blackout that last for 10 hours. Rechargeable, portable and floating IP67.